Section 1: Health & Safety
1. Stay Safe in VR
Before you start your VR experience with PICO, make sure to review all health and safety information carefully. Pick a clear, indoor area of at least 2-meter radius to set up boundaries. Customize play areas for additional space if necessary. Move only within the safe area that you set and keep your surroundings in mind. For example, ensure that children or pets cannot accidentally enter the play area during use and that there are no trip hazards such as rugs or mats.

Designed only for those ages 13 and older, PICO does not recommend playing for longer than 30 minutes at a time, with at least 10 minutes of rest between uses.

To ensure an appropriate and comfortable content experience, follow the prompts, warnings, and instructions in the PICO Safety Guide.

Safety Warranty guide

Safety Warranty Guides - PICO 4

Safety Warranty Guides - PICO NEO3 LINK

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2. Age Restrictions
More than ever, families are turning to platforms like PICO to stay entertained and connected. At the same time, they are often learning to navigate the digital landscape together and are focused on ensuring a safe experience.

To contribute to a safe experience for all users, PICO has been designed for consumers aged 13 and older. Some features, like PICO Friends, may have a higher age restrictions. When setting up the PICO device, users are required to go through a neutral age gate to restrict minors' access to digital content that could be considered inappropriate. We strongly encourage parents to review their teens' usage of PICO's headsets to make healthy, informed decisions.