Section 2: Security & Privacy

1. Security

1.1 Comprehensive Security Protection

PICO has designed a comprehensive security protection framework and implements corresponding safeguards to protect user security.

1.2.1 Hardware Security

PICO adopts many fundamental security protections at the hardware and operating system level. The device includes a processing chip that supports many security features, which can provide a trusted environment and protect data security. The operating system also enables system kernel protection and verified system boot to heighten device security from the start

1.2.2 Data Security

PICO takes various measures to protect the security of your data both at rest and during use. PICO OS supports application sandboxes to restrict unauthorized access to user data stored on the device. When the data is transmitted between the device and the cloud server, it will be encrypted and protected by transport layer security (TLS) and other appropriate encryption methods.

1.2 Continued Security Maintenance

1.2.1 Security Updates

PICO remains committed to meeting the needs of our customers. Our regular security system updates will address evolving security risks, challenges and vulnerabilities. Learn more

1.2.2 Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure

PICO follows the principles of coordinated vulnerability disclosure, whereby researchers can disclose newly discovered vulnerabilities to us directly. It gives us the opportunity to diagnose and offer fully tested updates, workarounds, or other corrective measures before significant impact is caused. We are committed to coordinating with the researchers and providing regular updates to customers. If you find any potential security vulnerabilities in PICO's products, please feel free to report it to us via Learn more

Read our Security White Paper for more information ->

2. Privacy

2.1 Privacy Principles

2.1.1 Privacy by Design
Keeping your information and data safe is PICO's top priority. We uphold responsible data security practices and privacy is built into PICO by design so that our community can confidently discover and share the world of extended reality. We do not sell users' personal information, and are committed to treating such information in a responsible way, including deploying organisational and technical controls for safeguarding. We have strict protocols and technologies in place to ensure that each product and feature meets industry privacy standards.

2.1.2 Data Minimisation
PICO aims to provide an enjoyable and relevant experience for our community. When doing so, we minimise our data collection to what is adequate, relevant, and necessary to achieve a clearly specified and appropriate purpose and outstanding user experience.

2.1.3 Transparency
We are committed to providing transparency into how we collect, use and share data. We encourage everyone to read our Privacy Policy, which applies to all PICO products, as well as all product-specific privacy notices in order to learn about our practices with regards to user data.
2.2 Control your info
At PICO, we empower our community with a range of easy-to-use settings that help them manage and control their virtual presence. Application settings include:

2.2.1 Fitness

Choose whether or not you want to participate in public features like Leaderboard and/or upload workout data to the cloud. Either way, you can still enjoy PICO Fitness and review your progress.

2.2.2 Friends
Limit your interactions to approved friends on PICO. Through system settings, determine whether or not friends can see your activity and who you can chat with.
Easily report suspicious or harmful behavior by using the 'Report' tab or block users to prevent any further contact by using the 'Block' tab. Both options can be found in settings on the profile page.

2.2.3 Browser
If you choose to browse in "incognito" mode, your browsing history, cookies, site data, and information will not be saved by PICO Browser. Your cookies and site data are stored during your browsing session, but these are deleted when you exit your "incognito" browsing session.